We are PIBU

K-Beauty / 23.05.2018

We are PIBU

We have already written about our fascination with Korean ‘skin-first’ philosophy and sheet face masks, that are a essence of effective and comfortable skin care (all in line with the Korean spirit).

Today we would like to share with you even more reasons why we appreciate Korean cosmetics.

Sheet face mask – Korean essence of beauty

Korean women have only one beauty purpose; to have healthy, young looking and vibrant skin. Following demand, producers are ‘racing’ to innovate better, easier and more effective cosmetics. Thanks to their efforts we can enjoy products such as BB facial creams, serums, moisturizing mists or facial ampoules. All dedicated to specific skin types.

Following Korean trends, we have also reached for innovations in cosmetology – bubbling face masks, that cleanse while massaging your face; clay sheet masks, that will not leave your bathroom messy; or a 3-step beauty-studio-like treatment, that can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. 

Face mask equals nature

High quality and natural ingredients is another reason why we fell in love with the K-BEAUTY philosophy.

In Korean cosmetics you can find extracts from flowers and precious plants and they are rich in antioxidants and essential oils. 

All the ingredients in our face masks are in line with the Korean philosophy. In our cleansing face mask there is detoxifying active charcoal and peony root extract. In our brightening face mask there is extract from tiger lily and white lotus flower that moisturize and help even skin tone. Each single face mask is packed with amazing ingredients that we will write more about.  

Face mask equals fun

Last but not least - have you noticed that Korean cosmetics are not only effective but also fun to use? One of the Korean principles is that our ‘beauty routine should be pleasant; it should bring positive energy, fun and joy!’

One may ask can we really improve our mood by using a sheet face mask? Of course, we can! Just put on a fun looking headband, ‘with ears’, apply our face mask and enjoy a bubbling massage. Or maybe you would like to try how beautifully our hydrating mask smells? Such a pleasant aromatherapy-like-effect will lift your spirit for sure; as much as chocolate; well - almost.

Get ready for fun - your skin will thank you!