Three things we never fly without - airplane must-haves!

Lifestyle / 05.02.2019

Three things we never fly without - airplane must-haves!

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure - glying is a big for challenge for your skin. Dry air-conditioned plane, short/disturbed sleep in an uncomfortable seat, jet lag. How to minimize the negative effects of sky-high travel? We will tell you what three products that help protect your skin whilst flying.


If you can, try to remove your make-up as soon as possible. On the plane, there is no possibility for double cleansing, therefore cleansing wipes are to help. Our favorite ones are cleansing wipes with honey and SKINFOOD's rice flour. You can buy them at the ‘Mała Koreanka’ store; mini version available, for the journey; Honey Flour Moist Cleansing Tissue.

They contain: rich in sugar honey extract, amino acids, vitamins, microelements and enzymes that have a regenerating and moisturizing effect, also (Wheat) Seed Extract – a rich source of vitamin E. SKINFOOD wipes improve the color of the skin and reduce the irritation caused by its drying. That is why they are perfect for the plane journeys.


Once we get rid of the makeup, it's time for the ‘pièce de résistance’: sheet mask. ‘Yes’ and once again ‘Yes’! This is not a mistake. More and more people are reaching for sheet-masks whilst flying. It can seem a bit scary at first, but believe us, we've been there ourselfs! Have fun! The mask is a very convenient and easy way to provide your skin with what it needs the most – that is a hydration. Before the flight, just chuck it into the bag, open it while on the plane, put it on, after a few minutes remove it and throw in the bin! It is that simple, isn’t it?

If your flight is relatively short, 2-3 hours long, try to use our BRIGHTENING MASK. Its regenerating and protective complex neutralizes free radicals, improves skin regeneration, restores its firmness and elasticity. Thanks to the white lotus and cherry blossom extracts, your skin will be deeply moisturized.

If you flight lasts for more than 3 hours - reach for the HYDRATING-SOOTHING mask that is based on the active hyrdation complex. Thanks to it, we not only eliminate the symptoms, but most of all, remove the cause of dry skin by retaining moisture inside. After removing the mask from the sachet and applying it to your face, you will soon notice that there is still a lot of emulsion in the packaging. Pat and rub it into your neck, cleavage and shoulders, or...

You must know that dry and air-conditioned air on the plane can make your sheet-mask completely dry within 10 minutes. That is why when you start feeling that your mask starts to dry out, put the remaining emulsion from the sachet on the cloth. By doing this you will prolong its action on the skin.


Another product that is an absolutely must in your hand baggage is a face mist. Just spray it on your face as many times as you need to provide the skin with intense hydration.

Our 'misty hit’ is a Lumene VALO Glow Refresh Hydrating Mist. This is a combo (mega) extract from the antioxidant rich arctic cloudberry, which has a brightening effect plus vitamin C plus the world's purest arctic spring water. You can get this miracle product from, for example, a MINTI SHOP. Apply it on your face as soon as you feel that your skin is thirsty again. Even if you decide to keep your make-up on, because your journey is to short or simply because you do not want your travel companions to see you without make-up – (necessarily) take the mist! You can apply it directly on your makeup to refresh the skin and replenish its hydration level plus… you cannot overdose.

Listen to your skin and bon voyage.