Step 7:  The Sheet Mask

K-Beauty / 22.05.2018

Step 7: The Sheet Mask

Are we kidding? No! The 7th step of Korean face care is a sheet mask, and this is definitely our favorite step. We have fallen in love with the soul of the Korean beauty ritual, the sheet mask. 

This precious piece of cloth filled with the most potent and nourishing extracts is the best way to get healthy and beautiful skin. This is the right dose of what your skin needs. Of course, there are plenty of sheet masks with different ingredients and for different types of skin so be sure you choose your mask wisely!

Different types of skin care

Do you want  a brighter skin? There you go! Or maybe  cleansing clay without all that mess in your bathroom? Of course, we have it! A  party skin hit, an hour before you smash the dance floor? Yes, it is possible! Or maybe you need a lovely 20 minutes to  moisturize your skin and relax? It’s all possible and so simple! Why do we love sheet masks? Because it’s the easiest, the most comfy and the best way to take a good and effective care of your skin. What else makes our masks so special? The cloth is soft, and it closely fits your face, treating your skin with all the nourishing substances.

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Let’s face the fact – sheet mask means magic!

But now… let’s focus on magic! Why do Koreans call the sheet mask the „soul” of the ritual?

Putting on that special mask, you should relax, slow down and focus on the simple joy of life. This is your time. Almost like a meditation. Being constantly on the run means no time for rest. 20 minutes with a sheet mask is a perfect way to relax and take care of your skin at once. It doesn’t mean you have to lay down and wait to take off the mask. Enjoy simple moments with your mask – take time for yourself, play with your kids, read a book, do those little jobs at home or post a picture of yourself on Instagram. It’s yours 20 minutes of nourishing joy!