Skin first, make-up second

K-Beauty / 21.05.2018

Skin first, make-up second

Skin first, make-up second is the core of Korean beauty and skin care. According to this theory, the most beautiful skin is healthy, hydrated and bright. Care and protection are the most important, make-up is only a matter of choice. Koreans believe in holistic skin care. What does it mean? It’s not only about the cosmetics we use, but also how we use them. 

It’s significant how we protect our skin against the sun, what we eat and drink, and last but not the least, how we feel in our own skin. Korean superstition, one would say. Trust us, it takes only a few weeks to believe in K-skin care!

How do we know this skin care works?

We have had the pleasure to use it ourselves. We’ve been through all ten steps of Korean skin care. We’ve tested hundreds of cosmetics, we tried cleansing, peeling and moisturizing. We’ve reached this absolutely amazing land of scents and textures. Finally, we saw effects! Beautiful, supple and radiant skin!

We all want wonderful skin!

We have different types of skin, beauty and lifestyle. We are travelers, workers, shoppers and foodies. Some of us are sporty, others are perfect moms, all of us lack sleep! We are all the same but different, aren’t we? We have our dreams and goals. We dream of our beauty to stay with us forever. That’s why we love ‘Skin First. Make-up second’ so much. Our natural and pure beauty can be enhanced by simple skin care rituals. A moment just for you. Because you deserve it. Let us show you our world!