Rescue for dry skin. 3 times ‘YES’ for our Hydrating-Soothing Mask

Products / 12.10.2018

Rescue for dry skin. 3 times ‘YES’ for our Hydrating-Soothing Mask

Autumn is the perfect time to introduce our HYDRATING-SOOTHING mask.

Every skin needs hydration. Especially now; when autumn comes, and we start to put the heating on in our houses, our skin starts to feel really bad. "Blue" sheet face mask - PIBU Beauty, combines 3; hydrate, soothe and strengthen your skin.

YES for a deep hydration

The hydrating complex contains 4 active substances, and their task is to rebuild the natural barrier that protects the skin against water loss. It allows us to achieve the effect of long-lasting hydration, lasting for many days, and most importantly, we improve the moisture retention inside the skin.

Definitely YES for a relief

The next active ingredients contained in our mask are specially selected plant extracts that have remedial and soothing properties. The extract of eastern thistle leaves increases the skin's resistance to harmful external factors or ‘side effects’ of an improper diet. Chamomile is well known for its antibacterial and soothing effects. Japanese cypress tree extract retains water in the skin. In addition, it has a nourishing effect and stimulates the skin for more intensive renewal.

Nutrition and regeneration? Oh YES!

The strengthening and rejuvenating complex, included in our mask, is responsible for the deep regeneration of your skin. You will find here: collagen hydrolyzate, that keeps water in the epidermis, softening and smoothing it simultaneously, and aloe vera that has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. An ingredient worth mentioning is witch-hazel extract; strengthening the walls of blood vessels, it helps reduce the formation of "spider veins" - our everlasting problem ;)

Hydrating-Soothing Mask - you will fall in love with it and you will never be apart.

Regular use of our HYDRATING-SOOTHING mask will protect you against unpleasant dryness and roughness of the epidermis. You will notice that your complexion is significantly smoothed and brightened, and definitely less prone to discoloration and irritation. We have checked it on our own skin and we know for sure that incorporating this mask into your beauty ritual is not only simple and pleasant, but also gives great results. Now it's your turn!