No longer than it says on the packaging!

Products / 10.09.2018

No longer than it says on the packaging!

The mask application is a very simple thing; however, it is really important to read the instructions carefully. Most of our face masks should be kept on the face for 15-20 minutes. The Clay face mask, just like the Flower Extract and Green Tea face mask, for longer, even 30-40 minutes. When it comes to our 3 steps to Beauty face mask, 20-25 minutes plus time required for serum application, before and after. The common rule, however, says: no longer than it says on the packaging! Why?

Do not allow your face mask to dry out on your face.

When we put the face mask on, our skin starts to absorb its valuable substances. However, if we let the face mask to completely dry on the face, we will give it back all the ingredients it gave us. The sheet starts to act like a sponge. Therefore, we should always read the labels and we should not "keep" the sheets on the face longer than recommended, even though the ‘masking’ is so nice.

20 minutes and that is all! Not necessary!

When our " recommended by the manufacturer " 20 minutes are over, we do not have to part with the mask. We can just simply... change the place we apply it. We can fold the mask in half and make a "wrap" on the neck or cleavage. Or, you can apply it to cracked heels or dry elbows. There are so many possibilities. Let our care be a fusion of pleasant and useful!

Use the magic box to…

Some masks contain so much emulsion that it's tempting to use them again and again. This is not recommended. However, why not pour any excess serum* remaining in the sachet into a small container and use it later, for example, before your moisturizing cream. For sure, it will only do your skin good.

Korean’ women, often put a facial cotton pad into the sachet with the remaining serum, to use it like a face wrap later. Clever, isn’t it?

And now, if our skin is already well cleaned ... we can open our face masks!