How to prepare your skin for a sheet face mask adventure?

K-Beauty / 24.05.2018

How to prepare your skin for a sheet face mask adventure?

It is important to follow certain steps to prepare your skin prior the application of your face mask. Why? In- order to make it work effectively. First remove your makeup and wash your face. We recommend using an oil-based cleanser and then water-based cosmetics. You can find great tips on how-to clean your face online by searching for online Korean skin care guides. 

Second; toning. Your face toner should balance skin pH and moisturize it. There is only one place for toners with alcohol - the bin. Have you done it yet? Ok, lets continue. Remember, equally important to the ingredients of your facial products is the way you apply them on your skin. Toners should be sprayed directly on your skin or gently applied using soft cotton pads. Remember never rub nor stretch your skin.

You are now ready to apply the face mask.

Regardless if you are a K-beauty follower or if you just simply decide to include a face mask into your beauty routine, it will become your favorite product. This is our promise!

But why? Because it is so easy and simple to apply yet so effective. When a sheet mask embraces your face, it pumps antioxidants, vitamins and active ingredients into your skin. We use many products on our skin, but some tend to evaporate before they even have a chance to penetrate the epidermis. Our sheet face masks hold all the nutrients close to your skin making sure its uninterrupted action lasts for some time. When you remove your face mask you will be amazed by all the good that it has done.

The pleasure in using our face masks also lies within the variety of products; need a face mask for after your holiday when you have indulged in too much sun or when your skin needs cleansing and your pores need reducing.

Choose the face mask that is perfect for you.

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to use our face masks, a list of ingredients and tips ‘how-to’ on our packages and website. One mask is different from another, and there are different ways to apply our 3 Steps to Beauty face mask than to apply our Green Tea Purifying Clay Mask.

Please make sure to visit our blog regularly as you can find many useful tips on PIBU face masks.

One more thing; have fun! Looking after yourself is a great joy!