How to look after your skin during winter?

K-Beauty / 02.01.2019

How to look after your skin during winter?

Winter is a real challenge for every skin type. Staying in dry-air-heated rooms, pollution, frost, etc. How to help your skin to survive all of this? Just act! I will tell you how I do it.

First: I clean my skin without letting it dehydrate

I put all my bets on cleaning oils. During the winter period, I give up cosmetic flakes. My skin is irritated enough and does not like any extra "rubbing". That's why I chose to pat in products or to massage it in gently. This sort of treatment additionally stimulates the microcirculation of the skin. There are only advantages to this! If my skin needs cleansing, I choose delicate sheet masks. The Bubbling Charcoal Mask works well for me, because, apart from cleansing, it deeply moisturizes and calms my skin.

Second: I protect and moisturize my skin

After the two-stage purification of my face, the basis for me is the tonic. I fell in love with rose tonics and I have been truthful to them for a whole year. After that a serum with vitamin C is a necessity. We will soon write more about the beneficial effects of vitamin C for the skin. During the winter, I use a moisturizing sheet mask, even several times a week, but this is of probably no surprise for you :) Hydrating – Soothing Mask is one of my favorites ones. If I however plan a great night out, the day before I reach for the regenerating 3 steps to Beauty mask. It is a real vitamin bomb for the skin! My next "secret" is a good cream, with a filter of course. It is not true that filters are needed only in summer! My skin is mixed type, and in addition to that it is very sensitive, especially during the winter. That's why when looking for a cream, I always check and choose the one that contains hyaluronic acid helping to keep water in the skin. And of course, you must not forget about something that soothes irritation; aloe, or chamomile. Plus antioxidants, for example vitamin E.

Third: I exfoliate my skin, but gently

If you've been afraid of acid-based treatments, it's time to change it / it is time to dare. Winter is the perfect time for this type of exfoliation, especially when in addition to that you struggle with wrinkles, discolorations or enlarged pores. Acid-based peeling is a controlled exfoliation that has beneficial antiradical and antibacterial effects on your skin. It's an absolutely matter of your skin type, but personally I never do any grainy peeling. Of course, only when it comes to face care; coffee or fruity peeling on the body is completely different ;).

Last but not least: I drink a lot of water!

Probably even more than during the summer. I just feel that my skin needs it. Sometimes it's just as simple as to listen to it;)

As a summary of above; I never go crazy, but I always read labels, moisturize and protect my skin during the winter. Once every 3 months, I exfoliate with acids and of course, I'm an absolute fan of sheet masks, not only ours ;-)

Ania – PIBU Beauty Social Media Specialist