Bubbling Charcoal Mask

Products / 25.05.2018

Bubbling Charcoal Mask

Let’s face the fact. We are truly in love with bubbles! We trust you’ll understand this with your first bubbling face mask. This black mask is a perfect way to clean your skin from all impurities. Activated charcoal, used in this mask, removes dead skin cells and other pollutants, leaving your skin bright and healthy. The mask also helps to control sebum production, blackheads creation and sooth blemishes. It’s also has great revitalizing properties. Your skin will be firmed, smooth and elastic thanks to THREONINE an amino acid that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Sheet mask – the magic of activated charcoal and much more…

If your skin is shinny or prone to discoloration, you will be glad to hear that our black mask contains alpine epilobium extract and citric acid. This perfect match brightens your skin and reduces imperfections. Suitable for all skin types our mask also contains glycoproteins and chamomile extract to moisturize, regenerate and fortify your skin.

Black mask means bubbles!

We left the best till last!! Our Charcoal Mask is also a bubbling massage! A few seconds after applying the mask, it starts to produce an active foam. You can feel how thousands of microbubbles soothes your face with all the active ingredients. If the foam gets out of control, gently massage the foam back to the mask. Want to know more…? It also smells gorgeous! 

If your skin is gray, dull and tired or you need an active cleansing, use a Bubbling Charcoal Mask ! You won’t regret it! Have a bubbly day!