After party SOS for the skin

Lifestyle / 23.01.2019

After party SOS for the skin

It is a carnival time, balls, venues, parties. Friends are constantly dragging you out somewhere, and because you have lots of friends, there are plenty of opportunities to go out. What to do? Go out, have fun, enjoy the carnival, but use your head.

Alcohol is not good for your health, therefore its regular consumption or overdoing it, affects the appearance of your skin, significantly slows its ability to regenerate and accelerates its aging. What can you see immediately? Redness, dilated or broken capillaries on the cheeks and nose, edema and ‘rounded’ inflammation. Yes, my friend; that's exactly the reason why your party selfie should go straight to the bin instead of Instagram.

We say no to red faces! There is something more that may not be seen, but undoubtedly happening? After an alcohol overindulge, your skin, and the whole body will be deeply dehydrated. You will notice unpleasant swelling not only on the face, but from head to toe. Remember; drinking alcohol is the quickest way to dehydrate your entire body. That is why even at the party you should remember to drink a lot of water; best between one drink and the other.

What to do ‘the day after’, after-party SOS for the skin

We have few TIPS for you on how to sort yourself and your skin out the DAY AFTER. The effectiveness of those tips has been confirmed by an expert: doctor of dermatology and cosmetologist from the Union Square- Y. Claire Chang.

First of all: remove your makeup on returning home after the party!

It is a must, even if it is 6 in the morning. Use makeup remover pads if the two-step makeup removal ritual is too much for you in a given situation, but for heaven’s sake, remove your makeup!

Secondly: Apply an Overnight mask or strong moisturizing cream

We strongly recommend the mask. For you it will not make any difference what you do, but for your skin it will. Drink a large glass of water and go to bed. We’ll see each other in the morning. Are you up yet? Wow! Ok, now is a time for a big cup of green tea, next go to the bathroom. Look in the mirror and ... if there is no drama – that is great. Start your morning care/routine, start with a decent cleansing. However, if there is a drama - head up, adjust your crown and start with a decent cleansing too. It happened and you must act now to prevent it from getting any worse ;)

So thirdly, clean the skin

You must know that alcohol causes hormonal imbalance, that activates the glands to produce increased amounts of sebum and clogging of the pores.

Fourth: moisturize

It not only you that is thirsty today. Your skin feels as bad as you do. We recommend a large amount of moisturizing tonic. Have you heard about the 7 Skin Method? We will write about it soon. If you did not do our 3-step regeneration treatment (3 Steps to Beauty), do not forget to do it before your next party. In the meantime, save yourself with this treatment the DAY AFTER. The second option is a hydrating and soothing mask, the Hydrating-Soothing Mask will be perfect for that.

Fifth and sixth: antioxidants and electrolytes - and quickly!

Serve your skin a stronger anti-aging serum or a rich emulsion, and your body, lots of fluids: smoothie, herbal tea, lemon water. You will be dehydrated for as long as alcohol stays in your body, so it is for about 48 hours.

Last but not least: enjoy your life, have fun, discover new things, get to know new people and take care of yourself and your skin - you will not have another one.