PIBU Beauty

Summer Set

250.00 zł

Our limited Holiday Set is gift packed and contains of 5 x Hydrating - Soothing Mask and 5 x Brightening Mask.

Expiry date 15/03/2021.  

Hydrating-Soothing Mask
moisturizing / calming / softening

Brightening Mask
brightening / energizing / regenerating

Hydrating - Soothing Mask is an instant and long-lasting rescue for skin in need of intense watering. The mask moisturizes your skin deeply, making it look and feel calm and hydrated! The soothing formula of our mask retains your skin’s own moisture. Keeping your skin supple and smooth when it needs it most.

Recommended for: 
Dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Perfect for all skin types at the risk of dehydration, e.g. ater sunbathing or staying in heated places.

Brightening Mask is a wonderful remedy for fatigued complexion and uneven skin tone. Its genuine, brightening ingredients revitalize your skin and reduce visible dark spots, making your complexion look radiant, toned and healthy! The mask also neutralizes the harmful effects of UV rays, unhealthy diet and stress. After just one use, your skin becomes visibly bright and vivid!

Recommended for: 
Dull, tired or weak skin suffering from discoloration and uneven skin tone; skin in need of regeneration and the recovery of its natural glow. Perfect for all skin types.


1. Clean your face and apply toner.

2. Take the mask from the foil pouch, unfold it and remove the protective layer.

3. Apply the sheet onto your face, smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles.

4. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and gently pat in the remaining serum on your face to absorb.

Recommended use is once or twice a week but, if desired, it is safe to use it more often.

Once opened, the product must be used straight away. For external use only. If skin sensitivity or irritation occurs discontinue use immediately. Avoid contact with the eyes, if this occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. Do not store in direct sunlight or in extreme temperatures.


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